TYM Tractors are made to the highest Korean quality and standard by assembling world renowned engines and supporting this with quality workmanship to produce a high quality, competitively priced tractor for the NZ market.

Within the last 3 years TYM have invested in a brand new, state of the art manufacturing plant costing over USD$600 million which has doubled TYM’s available output of Tractors and machinery. Together with their USD$30m Research and Development facility this ensures TYM are at the cutting edge of design and production. TYM is now growing sales and increasing market share globally.

The TYM range offers versatility and quality to our market, with tractors from 27 – 100hp. Robust strength and excellent build quality ensure TYM tractors are ideally suited to New Zealand and give years of service, even in the toughest of our conditions.

Farmers (dairy, sheep, beef and poultry), golf courses, general and mowing contractors and lifestyle farmers all enjoy the TYM Tractor experience here in New Zealand.

TYM Tractors have been part of the New Zealand market for 10 years. Power Turf is committed to growing both the TYM brand profile and TYM sales within New Zealand, to make owning a TYM easier than ever before. We know that with the combination of Korean Quality and Reliability, every customer truly gets more from TYM!

For more information please download our individual tractor brochures or contact

Phil Macpherson, TYM Sales Manager on 0272 022 781:






Phillip Macpherson

NZ Sales Manager

0800 896 695