Redexim is the manufacturer of the well established Verti-Drain machines and has developed a wide range of specific turf maintenance equipment for both natural and artificial surfaces.

The Redexim Verti-Drain brand has become the benchmark for aerating in NZ conditions. Produced in the Netherlands, Redexim machinery is manufactured with 3 key elements, innovation, quality craftsmanship and a heavy-duty construction. The culmination of these 3 elements creates machinery that is effective and efficient for Power Turfs customers.

In NZ, Power Turf has been the distributor for Verti-Drain since the mid 1990’s and forged a great relationship with many different end users. Ranging from golf courses to horse racing tracks, from city councils to sports field contractors, Verti-Drain is the market leader in NZ for aeration equipment.

While the Verti-Drain is a household name when it comes to aeration of natural surfaces, Redexim now also manufacture products for the growing artificial surfaces industry. With artificial turf venues becoming more popular around NZ, Redexim has created the Verti-Top to assist with the maintenance of these venues. The Verti-Top utilises rotary brushes to remove any unwanted debris for the artificial turfs’ infill to ensure a healthy surface for its users.

For information please download the natural or artificial brochures on our website or contact Gary Hampton or Terry Sullivan.



Terry Sullivan

Sales Manager

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Central Region Sales Representative

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Jeremy Bennett

Southern Region Sales Representative

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