R & R

R & R Products are the world leader in replacement parts for the turf industry as well as being a provider of Golf Course consumables. From replacement bed knives to flags and putting cups, R&R Products are the one stop shop for the NZ golf course.

Since 1971, R&R Products have been designing replacement parts for the OEM products with a complete in house manufacturing process. This in house process has created a quality that is unsurpassed in the industry and has allowed R&R Products to offer a warranty that is second to none. “All R&R reels, bedknives and Tines are guaranteed against defects for the life of the product”.

In NZ, Power Turf has been selling R&R Products for over 10 years and it has found on numerous occasions that it has helped with providing an alternative to Toro and John Deere products and gotten golf course operators back on their machines quicker and cheaper.

Power Turf also sells a wide range of golf course consumables at competitive prices. Putting cups, flagsticks and flags to name a few can be personalized for each golf courses preference. If your club needs ball washers, rubbish tins or any golf course consumable please contact Cam MacKay for pricing and availability.




Cam MacKay

Parts Manager

0800 887 337