BLEC Global Ltd are manufacturers and suppliers of specialised landscaping and turf care equipment. Blec offers a wide range of products to suit NZ conditions and has sold their products through Power Turf to golf courses, race tracks and for turf construction.


The company was founded in England in 1986 by Gary & Sue Mumby, and is still owned and managed by them to today. Gary’s background as a landscape contractor is invaluable, as the hands on experience he has, allows for design and development of innovative machinery that the industry needs. Gary still plays a large role in the research and development and works with industry participants to deliver products that benefit all market sectors.

Power Turf are proud to distribute and support Blec in NZ and due to Blec’s continued focus on manufacturing relevant products this relationship is an easy one to manage. Relevant machinery includes machinery designed to lessen the costs to sports fields and councils by focusing on recycling soils rather than importing soils.

Due to Gary’s background, Blec machinery is engineered and manufactured to be robust and built for long life and reliability. Blec equipment has gained a superb reputation around the world and this is reflected with Blec’s NZ customers also.

If you are into landscaping, turf maintenance or turf construction, then Blec will have a reliable product for you. For more information follow the link to the Blec Global website or contact Phil Macpherson.


Phillip Macpherson

NZ Sales Manager

0800 896 695